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Turn your windows into a source of renewable energy with these origami-inspired solar panels

In the past, scientists have come up with solar panels made out of different materials that urban buildings can place on their windows and generate renewable power. However, most of them haven’t been very successful as they cause a marked reduction in the amount of natural lighting while generating very little energy.

Now Soligami is a solar panel system that works similarly to shutter blinds so that light can still be allowed to pass through a window. The unique origami-inspired solar panel has the potential to turn windows into a source of electricity for any apartment dweller.

Also, the folded design of the system has an increased surface area, which results in greater energy production.

Although the cost of each Soligami system is yet to be determined, the simplicity of manufacturing the panels and their inexpensive materials is likely to be fairly cheap for consumers.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/origami-inspired-solar-panel-for-windows/

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