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World famous candy company Mars just committed over $1 billion towards sustainable sourcing

Confectionery giant Mars, that is world famous for producing choco-delights like M&Ms, Snickers and Milky Way, just pledged over $1 billion towards ethical and sustainable sourcing of their cocoa supplies. The company hopes to achieve its responsible sourcing goals by 2025. Already, about 50% of the company’s supplies is certified by various conservationist and ethics organizations, but with certification...

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Indian officer guides villagers to use rice husk ash to purify water

Farmers in the small village of Lambra in Punjab, India, are using rice husk ash to purify water, thanks to the efforts and guidance of IAS officer KS Pannu. Earlier, they had a hard time disposing off the same ash, which is the residue left after burning of rice husk. Lambra Kangri Multipurpose Cooperative Service Society, spearheaded by Mr Pannu, has started a pilot project in the village wherein a unique...

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An undersea robot that is helping restore Great Barrier Reef by seeding damaged parts with thousands of baby corals

As the global temperatures are rising, our oceans are turning acidic, which spells disaster for the world’s coral reefs. Almost 50% of the corals forming Australia’s Great Barrier Reef died in just two years – 2016 and 2017. However, researchers at two Australian universities have come up with a small undersea robot, named LarvalBot, that is dispersing microscopic baby corals to repopulate...

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Meet the woman spreading Christmas cheer by sending greetings from complete strangers to homeless people

Erin Schulte began the “Christmas Card Collective” last year when she asked her friends and family members to send her cards that she could pass on to the less fortunate. After setting a modest goal of 225 cards, Schulte was stunned to receive over 800 letters – so this year, she took to social media in the hopes of collecting even more. “These are the most words from complete strangers. You don’t know if it’s...

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This US teen spent his entire $3,000 award money to provide electricity to his grandpa’s school in India

Krithik Ramesh, a 16-year-old US teen of Indian origin, visited India last month. Besides other places, he was keen on seeing his grandfather’s school at Deviyakuruchi near Attur, Tamil Nadu. But when he entered the school premises, he got a rude shock. Not only was the school unclean, it lacked basic amenities too. Krithik learned that this was the state of many government schools in India. The young man...

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This kind-hearted Indian mechanic has rescued over 1,180 injured wild animals

As a young child, Peera Ram Bishnoi would often see peacocks, rabbits, deer, and other wildlife enter his fields and devour the crops. When he asked his parents why they didn’t chase them away, they replied, “It isn’t the wildlife that causes damage to humans, it is the other way around. The existence of the entire universe is dependent upon the five great elements–earth, sky, wind, fire, and water....

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An elderly man left his 2-year-old neighbor Christmas gifts for the next 14 years

Ken was a former salvage marine diver, a seaman, a carpenter, an engineer, an accordian player — and a great baker. He was also the neighbor of the Williams family for two years. A few days after he passed away, his daughter visited the Williams’ to drop off a large bag filled with Christmas gifts. Apparently, Ken had been buying Christmas gifts for the Williams’ 2-year-old daughter for the...

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Meet the tattoo shop owner who offers free services to customers who bring in clothes for the homeless

Over a month ago, Mark Hennant, owner of Ink Link Tattoo shop in Nebraska, USA, started offering free tattoo certificates to customers in exchange for items of clothing like gloves, hats, coats, boots etc. that he could give to the homeless. Needless to say, the donations started pouring in. In fact, the shop received so many donations, they were forced to downsize their offer to certificates that were only...

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This Indian man slept on streets in Australia, he gives free meals to the homeless today

In 2007, Ashish Sood went to Australia from Ludhiana, India, in the hopes of starting his own restaurant after studying Hospitality and Commercial Cooking. However, life was pretty tough for two weeks after the 33-year-old arrived in Australia. He had almost no money and was forced to sleep on the streets. After nearly a decade of hard work and perseverance, today Ashish is the owner of a small takeaway joint...

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IKEA rehabilitates Borneo rainforest by planting 3 million trees

In an attempt to rehabilitate a rainforest destroyed by logging and forest fires at Luasong in east coast Sabah, Borneo, Swedish furniture giant IKEA planted 3 million trees in the area and gave it a new lease of life. In the initial phase, IKEA customers contributed generously with start-up funding for the project. Since then, the IKEA Group took full responsibility for finishing the project and ensuring...

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