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IKEA comes up with a unique, fun way to keep rivers clean – Good Ship IKEA boats

Swedish furniture and home accessories giant IKEA is living up to its reputation of being an environment-friendly brand by attempting to provide solutions to the many environmental problems faced by the world today.

After announcing the launch of its Gunrid air-purifying curtains, the company has now come up with remote-controlled Good Ship IKEA boats that can tidy up floating garbage in lakes and rivers. Interestingly, these boats have been modeled after the SMÅKRYP bath toy set.

Each boat can salvage up to 44 pounds of trash at a time. Weighing 150 pounds and measuring in at 10-feet long, the boats could prove to be a fun and innovative solution for keeping the rivers free of garbage.

Earlier this month, two of the boats were deployed into Deptford Creek in southeast London as a means of tidying up the river and celebrating the opening of IKEA’s newest branch in Greenwich.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/ikea-develops-remote-controlled-boats-to-collect-garbage/

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