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Kindergarten teacher cuts her hair short to match student being bullied for her short hair

When the school began, kindergarten student Prisilla Perez seemed quite happy and chirpy. But her teacher Shannon Grimm noticed a change in her behavior after she got her hair cut short. Prisilla seemed withdrawn and sad most of the time.

Soon, Ms. Grimm found out that the little girl was being teased about her short hair and the kindhearted teacher decided to do something about it.

She cut her own hair short to match Prisilla’s and even bought matching hair bows for both of them to wear everyday!

Prisilla was honored at the Willis Independent School District board meeting on Feb. 11 as the “district student of the month” after being nominated by her teacher for showing bravery during a difficult time.

In a surprise twist, Prisilla presented Ms. Grimm with a medal for being her hero.

Read more here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3221/Teacher-Cuts-Hair-To-Match-Student-Being-Teased-For-Her-Short-Hair

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