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Nearly half of Australia’s big businesses are transitioning to renewable energy

A new report by Australia’s Climate Council has revealed that nearly half of the country’s large businesses are moving towards renewable sources of energy as their power bills continue to soar. Many of them have completely gone off the grid and are generating their own solar power.

The average household and small-business energy bill is more than 80% higher than a decade ago. Gas prices have increased threefold in five years.

Many businesses – including 46% of large operations – have responded by seeking green alternatives. The Climate Council report said the capacity of Australian businesses to generate their own solar power had doubled in less than two years.

Business owners report making their investment back through cost savings in less than five years. The story is being repeated across the country, particularly in the manufacturing industry, where increased power bills have squeezed profits.

Read full news here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/may/15/almost-half-of-australian-big-business-moving-to-renewables

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