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This young woman turned her home into school for kids of tannery laborers, teaches them for free

The city of Kanpur in India is home to hundreds of leather tanneries. The laborers who work there live in deplorable conditions and cannot afford to send their children to school. Most of them consider it better to send their kids to work at the tanneries instead of sending them to school as they are able to fetch a minimum daily wage of Rupees 200-400 at work.

This is what bothered 20-year-old Sana Parveen, who saw how these children were ignoring education, their only chance at transforming their financial and social conditions. Sana recalls how she would often find these kids right outside the door, speaking in a crude language, hurling abuses at each other. Many of them never had the fortune to even look at a school gate.

And so, when she decided to speak to their parents about sending their kids to school, she met with strong resistance, anger and humiliation. To convince them, Sana transformed her own home into a school to provide education to these underprivileged kids. What’s more, she did not charge them anything!

Today Sana, alongside her father Naushad, and her teammates, Zainab and Najo, is providing primary education to over 80 kids, right from playgroup to Class 5.

Read full news here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/141159/tannery-labourers-school-free/

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