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This Mexican company is putting discarded avocado pit to good use

A Mexican start up Biofase has come up with an interesting way to use vast quantities of avocado pits that are usually discarded by households and producers. The company transforms dense avocado seeds into disposable straws and cutlery that are totally biodegradable.

The company’s founder, biochemical engineer Scott Munguia, figured out how to extract a molecular compound from a pit to obtain a biopolymer that could be molded into any shape. He then patented the process to turn discarded avocado pits into bioplastics that reportedly degrade after 240 days.

Today, the operation goes through 15 metric tons of avocado seeds a day to make the items, according to Mexico Daily News.

Munguia’s technology is a win-win that tackles agricultural waste as well as the mounting volumes of plastic waste accumulating in landfills, oceans and other bodies of water.

Read more here: https://www.ecowatch.com/avocado-pits-biodegradable-straws-cutlery-2628165725.html

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