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Locals have removed over 25,000 kilos of waste from this Indian beach over the last 12 months

Kundapura is a small coastal town in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The condition of the town’s Kodi beach was deplorable owing to the huge amount of waste that came from a river that passes the beach in its course and also from tourists and locals.

In February last year, Bharat Bangera and his group of friends decided to brew a mass cleanliness movement to mop up all the mess on the beach in their beloved hometown. They headed to the beach on a Sunday evening and started what would become a massive citizen-led drive.

Named after the city, the ”Clean Kundapura Project’ witnesses volunteers assemble near a particular stretch of the beach every Sunday and spend two hours picking up all kinds of dry trash like plastic bottles, wrappers, bags, footwear and cutlery.

On average, the group comprising of students, professionals, and senior citizens collect up to 500 kilos of waste in every self-funded cleanup.

They further segregate the waste into plastic, paper, glass and pack them in bags. The collected waste is lifted by the municipal corporation and is transported to a local dry waste collection center. Due to their dedication and hard work, the locals have managed to remove close to 25,000 kilos of waste from the beach in the last 12 months.

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