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This school district packages unused cafeteria food for students in need

In America, a lot of students rely upon the free breakfasts and lunches provided by schools for their daily food requirement. However, since the schools remain closed on weekends, these students often have to go without food.

Now the Elkhart School District of Indiana has come up with a brilliant solution to the problem. The school has started salvaging their wasted food so that they can package it up for their students to take home on the weekend.

When the school administrators noticed how much of their cafeteria food was going straight into the garbage, they partnered with food rescue group Cultivate to collect, package, and freeze all of their unused food from school lunches as a means of helping to feed their students over the weekends.

Now every Friday for the rest of the school year, 20 at-risk students from Woodland Elementary School will be given a backpack containing eight frozen meals for their weekend at home.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/school-district-turns-unused-cafeteria-food-into-take-home-kids-meals/

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