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Couple adopting four siblings who wanted to stay together moves the judge to tears

In 2015, Phyllis and Eric Watson of Gardner got their licences to adopt. A day after, the adoption agency got in touch with the couple asking them if they’d be willing to adopt four siblings who wanted to stay together. “We were thinking one foster child at a time. Maybe two? We weren’t thinking four at once,” said Eric Watson. However, in a matter of three days, the decision was made and two and a half...

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Disney to launch $100 million initiative to overhaul children’s hospitals around the world

The Walt Disney company has just announced that it will be investing $100 million in child healthcare to make hospitals around the world less scary for the young patients. Under this new initiative, renowned “Imagineers” at Disney, responsible for designing the theme parks and family entertainment, will introduce various “Disney” elements into children’s hospitals. “Disney’s...

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Indian government launches biodegradable sanitary napkins for Rs. 2.50 each

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Indian government launched oxo-biodegradable sanitary pads named ‘Suvidha’ for just Rs. 2.50 each. The sanitary pads will be available across the country at 3,200 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi centers. They’ll be available in packs of four priced at Rs. 10 each. Speaking at the launch, Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers...

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Waitress at Waffle House gets $16,000 college scholarship for cutting up an elderly customer’s food

Evoni Williams, 18, works as a waitress at a Waffle House in La Marque, TX, to save up for college. One of her customers, an elderly man who’d recently undergone a surgery, was finding it difficult to cut up his ham. The man told Williams that his hands weren’t ‘working too good’. He was also on oxygen and struggling to breathe. That’s when she took his plate and cut up his food. Her kind gesture didn’t go...

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Two emperor penguins in Antarctica find a camera and film themselves!

Two emperor penguins in Antarctica discovered a camera left by an expeditioner on the ice and did what most of us would do – they clicked a short selfie video! The funny video is now going viral on the Internet. An expeditioner with the Australian Antarctic Division had placed the camera on the ground near a large emperor penguin colony in Auster Rookery – while visiting the nearby Mawson research...

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This NZ company pays extra to employees who cycle to work

In an attempt to encourage its employees to ditch cars and adopt the healthier practice of cycling, an advertising company in Christchurch, New Zealand is paying them extra money for cycling to work. Employees who cycle to and from work will receive $5 a day and if they keep it up for more than half a year that amount will double to $10 a day, paid out as a bonus at the end of year. The employees were initially...

March 09, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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This farmer turns his farm vegan as he couldn’t bear to slaughter his cows

An English man named Jay Wilde inherited a farm from his father a few years ago. However, being a vegetarian himself, Jay found the idea of raising cattle for slaughter extremely disturbing. So, Jay and his wife decided to send the majority of their 70 cattle to an animal sanctuary, while they retained a dozen of their favorite cows to roam their farm. Talking about his cattle, Jay said: “We did [our] best...

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This child actor from India offers her movie fee to build toilets in a village

14-year-old Prathyaksha portrayed the role of Mallama — the girl who fasted for three days to convince her family to build a toilet at home — in a Kannada movie. The child actor has now offered her entire movie fee, that roughly amounts to 100,000 rupees, to build more toilets in Mallama’s village. “I’m not just inspired by Mallamma’s efforts but am determined to do something concrete for the...

March 07, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Man’s quick actions help save two people trapped by burning car

One early February morning in Addison Township, Michigan, Ralph and Doris Giles were returning home from an event in their Jeep Wrangler. On their way, they saw that a Ford Fiesta had collided with a Ford Edge SUV and there were two people trapped in the Fiesta. Doris dialed 911 while Ralph tried to get the passengers out of the car, but to no avail as the doors refused to open. Ralph then decided to move his...

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Daffodils could provide a natural cure for cancer!

A study undertaken at the RNA Molecular Biology Laboratory has found a link between cancer and an extract from daffodils that is naturally anti-cancer. Scientists have extracted a natural anti-cancer compound from the European-native Daffodils called haemanthamine. They observed that this compound blocked the production of a protein which is essential for the growth of cancer cells. “Cancer cells are...

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