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Meet the 80-year-old man who has helped save 10 million liters of water – one leaking tap at a time

He is an ordinary man on an extraordinary mission. Growing up on the pavements of Mumbai, where he saw his mother queue up at 4 in the morning along with several other neighbors for just one bucket of water, the sight of dripping taps always bothered him. The man is national award-winning author of 80 books, cartoonist, artist and environmentalist Aabid Surti. In 2007, Mr. Surti read a newspaper report which...

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These two teenagers rescued a little kangaroo stuck in neck-deep mud

This heartwarming gesture of two Sydney teenagers has restored our faith in humanity! Nick Heath and Jack Donnelly spotted a helpless kangaroo stuck up to its neck in mud in the outskirts of Sydney. The brave boys were riding their motorbikes near the Nepean River when they saw a tiny animal head poking out of a mud quarry. As they realized they were unable to reach the poor creature on their own, they rushed...

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New England aquarium releases 14 sea turtles after rehabilitation

After treating and rehabilitating 14 sea turtles that were found stranded on Cape Cod beaches last November and December, biologists at the New England Aquarium of Boston released them back into the Atlantic Ocean. When rescued, the turtles had been suffering from severe hypothermia after failing to migrate south. Biologists determined the turtles were ready to be released but there was one problem: the ocean...

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Here is world’s first collapsible, reusable steel straw that fits into a keychain

The world seems to have finally declared war on single-use plastic straws! And rightly so, as tonnes of those end up in our oceans and landfills where they will stay for thousands of years causing severe damage to our environment and wildlife. Now the Kickstarter project has introduced FinalStraw – a collapsible, reusable drinking straw, made from stainless steel and medical grade tubing – and it may...

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This brave man stopped the waffle house shooter by snatching his weapon

All heroes don’t wear capes! This was proved by James Shaw Jr., the brave man who single-handedly ambushed the Tennessee waffle house shooter and managed to wrestle the rifle from him. His heroic act ended the deadly shooting at the waffle house before more lives were lost. “I just want to be put out there like a regular person,” he said. Maybe then, if people find themselves in dangerous situations,...

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This Indian restaurant in Auckland offered free food to people affected by storm

After a severe storm hit the city of Auckland in New Zealand, around 93,000 homes were left without any power, with some unable to get it restored for days. At such a time, this offer by an Indian restaurant proved to be a blessing for many helpless people. Auckland-based restaurateurs Roberto Giampaolo and Kamesh Kunala, who jointly manage Satya South Indian Restaurants, said they were offering free meals to...

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State Trooper saves two bear cubs after mother gets killed in a car crash

Virginia State Trooper DH Cepelnik has become an online hero after he rescued two bear cubs who got orphaned when their mother was killed in a car collision in Franklin County, Virginia. The two bear cubs have been moved to a wildlife center in Waynesboro, Virginia and are ‘safe and sound’. They will most probably be released into the wild after one year. The official Twitter account of VA State...

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This company is making t-shirts from plastic bottles

Fashion company The North Face is collecting discarded plastic bottles from three of America’s beautiful national parks – Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Great Smoky Mountains – and making t-shirts and tote bags out of them under the brand name ‘Bottle Source’. So far, The North Face has collected around 160,000 lbs of plastic bottles. The collected bottles are ground, melted, and spun...

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This super enzyme created accidentally by scientists can eat and digest even the hard-to-recycle plastics

In 2016, Japanese researchers discovered a bacteria that could digest one of the nastiest plastic pollutants of our time – polyethylene terephthalate or PET. As PET is lightweight, colorless and extremely durable, it is widely used to make a variety of objects ranging from water bottles to polyester clothing. Since the bacteria’s discovery, scientists at the University of Portsmouth and the US Department...

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Fisherman saves 98 pups from the belly of a dead shark he caught accidentally

A fisherman caught a dead shark accidentally in his net that had been killed in an attack by another shark. When Mathew Orlov pulled her out, he noticed that the animal’s stomach was still moving. “I could feel through the line when she was being attacked. As soon as we pulled it up I knew she was mauled by another shark,” Orlov said. “When I saw the belly moving, instinct kicked in....

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