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This woman is on a mission to feed the hungry using 100% of the profits from her beer company

Jacquie Berglund owns a Minnesota based beer company called Finnegans that is quite popular in four US Midwest states. With the motto “We turn beer into food”, Finnegans is more than just a beer brand. Since the last 20 years, Berglund’s beer company has been donating all of its profits to Finnegans Community Fund which is then used to fund fresh produce for those in need. Finnegans also has a...

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Kids with parents who emphasize kindness over academic achievement are happier, and get higher grades

According to a recent study, children whose parents value kindness over academic achievements tend to have lower stress levels, less anxiety issues, better self-esteem and even better grades. Researchers asked 506 sixth-graders to rank what they believed was most valued by their parents. The list included three achievement-oriented goals and three oriented toward pro-social behavior. They found students whose...

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Giraffes get protections against international trade for the first time at Geneva Summit

Just like many other animal species, giraffes were also inching towards extinction, but not many people were aware of their declining numbers. Recently, however, animal conservationists sounded the alarm when they reported that their population had fallen by almost 40% over the last 30 years. Now giraffes have been given their first ever international protections through a new Appendix II designation by the...

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This engineer develops cheap, transparent concrete that can reduce your power consumption by 30%

When it comes to the most polluting industries in the world, the first name that comes to mind is the plastic industry. But the cement industry is no better. In fact, it has been reported that if the cement industry were a country, it would be the third-largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world with up to 2.8 billion tonnes, surpassed only by China and the US. Cement industry is responsible for 8% of the...

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These musicians gather at crime scenes and play classical music to heal the affected neighbors

A group of classical musicians from Milwaukee, Wisconsin called the Black String Triage Ensemble hope that by playing classical music at traumatic crime sites, they can help comfort the neighbors and other people affected by the tragedy. The youngest member of the group is 11, while the oldest is 75. The group plays music at Milwaukee crime scenes after the law enforcement teams have left. “It’s not necessarily...

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Metallica donates 250,000 Euros for children’s hospital in Bucharest

World renowned American heavy metal band Metallica recently announced a donation of 250,000 Euros to a Romanian non-profit organization Daruieste Viata that will go towards building the country’s first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital. The announcement was made just prior to the band’s sold out concert in Bucharest. “The donation made by Metallica has a special meaning to our project. On...

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These two Indian women found loving homes for 465 lab-test Beagles

Can you imagine living inside a tiny cage where you have absolutely no control over how to live your life? You can’t choose when and what to eat, how to spend your time, you can’t decide when the lights go on and off and worse of all, you are supposed to eat, urinate, defecate and sleep inside that tiny cage with absolutely no contact with the outside world. If this scenario sounds nightmarish to you, let us...

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When Kenyan women’s lacrosse team was playing with no cleats, the Israeli team gifts them new ones

On Tuesday, the Kenyan women’s lacrosse team played Israel and were at a slight disadvantage as its players did not have any cleats. That is why the next day, Israeli team surprised the whole team with brand new cleats. It should be noted that the Kenyans aren’t like other players. They have minimal financial support, and the young women face poverty and hardship at home, and Team Israel took note. “I know...

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This public school superintendent plans to use his first $10,000 bonus to cover his students’ college applications

Grant Rivera, a superintendent at a public school system in Georgia, recently received his first ever bonus of $10,000 after his district met certain performance standards. Instead of pocketing this money, this 44-year-old plans to use it to cover the college application fees of his high school students.   Rivera is donating the bonus to the Marietta Schools Foundation so that it can help students who apply to...

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This noble soul uses her pension to help the poor give dignified funerals to their dear ones

Amarjit Kaur Dhillon is a 63-year-old retired bank officer from Punjab, India, and she has a heart of gold. Dhillon has been actively involved in social work since quite some time now. In the year 2000, she took voluntary retirement from her job to help those in need and since then, she has helped cremate more than 300 bodies of those whose families couldn’t afford a proper burial and those who have no one....

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