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A non-profit that performs free cataract surgeries and cures hundreds of people of blindness every day

The Himalayan Cataract Project is a nonprofit started by two ophthalmologists Dr Geoffrey Tabin and Dr Sanduk Ruit with the aim of providing cheap and sustainable eye care to people living in the Himalayan region. The duo believe suffering from blindness is particularly tough for people living in rugged terrains, so they work towards restoring their eye sight with a simple, minutes-long surgery. When the two...

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Local fishermen rescue an Arctic fox stranded on iceberg

When a group of fishermen set sail on their crab fishing boat last week in Southern Labrador, they least expected to find a stranded fox atop an iceberg. Alan Russell of St. Lewis said his ship was about seven kilometers offshore when they spotted something on a nearby iceberg. “We seen something on the ice. Wasn’t sure what it was,” Russell told CBC’s Labrador Morning. “So we got...

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This grocery store in Toronto lets customers pay what they can afford

A grocery store in Toronto named ‘Feed It Forward Grocery Store’ is taking food destined for landfills and offering it to customers at any price they can afford to pay. This pay-what-you-can store is located on 3324 Dundas St. West and is the brainchild of chef Jagger Gordon and his team of volunteers. “It’s a simple procedure of taking those trucks that are destined for landfills and...

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This 6th grader has invented an underwater device that detects ocean microplastics

12-year-old Anna Du was visiting Boston harbor one day when she saw small pieces of plastic in the sand. She was appalled to see the entire beach littered with such tiny bits of plastic that “it just seemed impossible to clean it all up.” The 6th grader, who also happens to be an animal lover, decided to do something about it as she knew that all that plastic would eventually end up in the oceans and...

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Maharashtra declares war on plastic, puts a stringent plastic ban in place

The Indian state of Maharashtra imposed a ban on manufacture, use, sale and distribution of plastic bags, water bottles and other single-use plastics from June 23. The state residents welcomed the ban and were seen using sustainable alternatives like jute and cloth bags. The ban comes in the backdrop of the environmental risks and harm posed by plastic items to wild animals from ingestion or entanglement, making...

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Meet Jadav Payeng – The Forest Man of India who planted an entire forest single-handedly

Jadav Payeng was 16 when heavy floods struck the eastern Indian state of Assam in 1979. As the waters receded, many snakes that had got swept ashore died due to excessive heat and absence of any tree cover. The sight shook young Jadav to the core and he decided to do something about it. When he went to the villagers to seek help, they told him ‘where there are trees, there are birds, and where there are...

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Cop catches a teenager stealing clothes at Walmart, pays for them after learning his story

On Sunday night, Constable Niran Jeyanesan was called to a Walmart store in Toronto with another officer. The officers were supposed to arrest an 18-year-old who was caught stealing a dress shirt, tie and socks. However, after learning the teenager’s story, Jeyanesan didn’t arrest him and actually bought him the clothes with his own money. “This young person has been facing his own difficulties...

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Meet the man who is traveling to all 50 states, offering to mow lawns for people in need for free

Rodney Smith Jr. is a man on a mission. He aims to visit all 50 states in the US to offer free lawn mowing services to anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single mother or a veteran who needs their lawn mower. Smith is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a lawn care nonprofit he launched in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Raising Men Lawn Care Service helps young people give back to their...

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After massive reforestation efforts, rare animals thrive again in China’s Ziwuling Forest Area

After impressive reforestation projects undertaken in the last two decades in China’s Ziwuling Forest Area in Yan’an, Shannxi province, 37 species of threatened wildlife have been observed by researchers. Researchers from Beijing Normal University have been using infrared cameras to check in on Ziwuling’s wildlife, and they have photographed all kinds of rare species. From golden pheasants and...

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An extraordinary idea helped this drought-prone village to become water-sufficient

Ranmala, a small village in the Indian state of Maharashtra, had witnessed years of drought due to soil erosion caused by mass cutting of trees. Now the only solution to the problem was planting of new trees, but villagers had little idea how to go about it. Here arose the genius of PT Shinde, a retired school teacher who used a simple tactic to include villagers in his vision to plant thousands of trees in...

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